To place an order, simply call 1-877-733-3117, fax it to 888-462-4916, or e-mail it to customerservice@lumbarextender.com.

New Distributorship applications are being reviewed and accepted. To apply for a distributor account please fill in the information below. Rae Marketing will call you when they receive your application.

This section is still under construction. Please check back later to apply online.

Please fill out the information above and submit it. You may simply email us directly at distributorships@lumbarextender.com or call our toll free number at 1-877-733-3117.
A representative from Rae Marketing will contact you and give you an account number over the phone. Please have your EIN number ready along with the normal contact name and company information to help speed up your application.

Thank you and welcome to the Lumbar Extender team!