User Guidelines

Before using the Lumbar Extender, please read and follow these simple guidelines to maximize the benefits.

Caution: As with every fitness program, consult your physican before using the Lumbar Extender, especially if you have pre-existing back or neck injuries or conditions.

* No person should use the Lumbar Extender without first consulting a qualified physician.

• Use the Lumbar Extender only for its intended purpose.
• Always use the Lumbar Extender on a level, non-slip surface. A secured mat, rug or carpet should
be used. Familiarize yourself with the pictures on the User Instructions page showing the different
positions you may want to do.
• Observe the following recommendations for time use and level of arch adjustment.
• Select your favorite position to use the Lumbar Extender.
• Perform a five-minute stretch per session in your desired position. Two sessions a day are
recommended, although you may enjoy using the Lumbar Extender even three times a day.
• If you find it difficult to stretch for five minutes, stop. Do only what you are comfortable with and
slowly work up to five minutes.
• If you experience discomfort in the beginning, it is usually just an indication of the amount of
tension and tightness in your back and should subside in time. If you have any doubts, please
discontinue using the Lumbar Extender and check with your physician.
• Pay special attention to your daily progress. Individual results may vary. Some users experience
immediate relief and noticeable benefits, while others may take several weeks.

Caution: Should you experience any irregular physical condition, such as questionable muscle or joint pain, stop stretching and consult your physician.

• Regardless of your physical condition, begin at the Level 1 arch adjustment.
• As your flexibility and posture improve, you may want to experiment with the Level 2 and 3 arch
adjustment, although it is not necessary. The Level 3 arch adjustment is designed for advanced
users or yoga practitioners only.
• Relax. One of the keys to a good tension relieving stretch is relaxation. Take a deep breath,
exhale gently, and let your body weight work together with gravity. You will achieve a greater
stretch and arrive at a more relaxed state sooner. Relax as much as possible when using your
Lumbar Extender. It will become easier to do with regular use.
• Always use the Lumbar Extender with the narrow end positioned toward your head and the wide
end positioned toward your buttocks.