"I am amazed at the difference in my back in the 6 months I have been using your lumbar extender. I am 64 years of age and my chiropractor, who uses it himself, was concerned that at my age this device might not be advisable to use as my spine might not be flexible enough to stretch with the extender. I now spend 8 to 10 min a session three times a day on the second level and I have no lower back pain at all now. For years I have slouched badly and have never had any success correcting it. I have also worried what would happen with my posture as I get even older. I also have calcum buildup in my upper back. My chiropractor felt that doing the thoracic exercise at my age might be a big risk. Three weeks ago I did begin doing the thoracic stretch and I can't believe the results I have gotten. In fact I don't slouch at all. I do the thoracic stretch for 8 to 10 min followed by the lower back stretch for the same period of time, three times daily. It is painless and relaxing."

Norman MacPherson
Indian Head, Sask.

Six months with the Lumbar Extender
Just to let you know that the lumbar extender has become an indispensible part of my daily routine. I am an avid runner and biker with a bad back, and for extended periods, I would be out of commission with lower/upper back spasms and extreme pain. There are some days when I get out of bed bent over, and after a short stretch on the lowest setting of the product, my back 'pops' back into alignment and I'm good as new. I can actually feel my back stretching and relaxing, and it alleviates the stress and aching of sitting all day at work. I've taken the extender on business trips, and use it immediately on arrival at the hotel to alleviate the lower back pain from sitting on the plane or train. It's a great product, and I highly recommend it to everyone who asks.

Robert Kalish

I have been using the "Lumbar Extender" for over 6 months. It is simply a life-saver. It has paid for itself many times. I rarely see my chiropractor anymore. I can work and play harder, and not be worried that I will be hurting. My low back is the best it has been in years...10 years to be exact. I was blown away the first time I used it. Relief was instant for me. My upper back also releases like a zipper and I can stand taller as soon as I stand up. I was so depressed for years because I couldn't do (or was scared to do) many simple activities. I can now twist around when backing-up my car without any pain, or feeling my back "Click" which would be the first sign that I would be in extreme pain soon after. I take it with me when I travel. I can drive for 12 hours without any pain. I have had terrible neck and/or back pain since I was 15. I'm 36 years old now...Finally I can start a new, "my new" life.


Rob Hast
Champaign, IL

I have never felt motivated to write an unsolicited testimonial before, so bear with me while I rant.

I have had a "bad back" (muscle issues, disc issues, general pain issues) since a high school swimming accident (which is a very long time, indeed). In 1997 I added insult to injury in a fall from a ladder. With sciatica and constant back pain draining my energy, I'd reached the point where running my horse farm was becoming a very difficult process. Forget riding. There were days when simply brushing my teeth required me to prop myself on my elbows at the sink! I own at least one of every back supporter known to man, and I have a massage therapist who visits me regularly to keep me upright and walking. I seemed destined for an early retirement from the horse business.

Last year I came across your device in a catalog. Naturally, I ordered one.

To say the lumbar extender saved my life would be only a mild exaggeration. Today, less than a year later, I use the device on the highest arch at least twice daily. I belong to a gym where I have been doing heavy weight training, do yoga several times a week, muck stalls, throw hay bales, and ride and show my horses. I also teach school and spend hours in front of the computer writing freelance. Thanks to your product, I can take my spills without winding up laid up for three days, and I feel wonderful most of the time. At 56, and after 40 years of discomfort and circumscribed activity, there's not much more a woman can ask.

I've introduced your device to all of my friends and my massage therapist. I call it the "chiropractor under my bed". Thanks for giving me back my life.

Joanne M. Friedman
Owner of Gallant Hope Farm
Hampton Township, NJ

"As an avid jogger I often experienced lower back pains from the hard impact of concrete surfaces. Sometimes I even had trouble sleeping through the night with the pain, causing tiredness at work the following day. Since discovering the Lumbar Extender my back pains are cured. I warm down after every run on the Lumbar Extender for 10 minutes to stretch my back and now feel no lower back sensations. I spend 30% of my life travelling with my job and always take my running gear with me to stay in shape. The convenient size and weight of the Lumbar Extender means that I can easily slip it into my suitcase, ensuring that my life is equally pain free, whether I am at home or on the road.

Thank you lumbar extender for changing my life forever."

Ian Stentiford
North Carolina

"As a keen golfer, but not as young and fit as I once was, I started to really feel some lower back pain after a full round of golf. Pulling the trolley through long wet grass, or carrying my bag on my shoulder seemed to just pinch the nerves at the base of my spine. I felt ten years older after 18 holes, and that was not just because of my bad shots. Then I discovered the Bloater Back Extender (Lumbar Extender), and directly after a round I would take a few minutes to relax on the floor, stretching my muscles and joints over the Extender. I was amazed to find that the lower back pain had completely disappeared, leaving me feeling fresh and fit for another 18 holes..."

Andrew Dargie

"Having suffered from a twinging back for many years, I was surprised to find that the day after I first used the Lumbar Extender I did not have a painful spasm in my lower back. The benefits of being fully mobile in my line of work are beyond monetary worth.”

Keith Cameron
Nottingham, UK

Medical, Health & Wellness Professionals

I endorse the Lumbar Extender in my practice, because this product really does what it claims. Anyone who uses the Lumbar Extender for only five minutes, twice a day, has a lot less tension and tightness in their back. Specifically, this product stretches the Erector Spinea, Trapazoid, Latisimus Dorsi, and Rhomboid muscle groups. It has proven to help shift the muscles for improving posture, in turn making the spine biomechanically stable.

I have even seen in certain cases where the Lumbar Extender was used initially, the muscles actually relaxed enough to allow the vertebrae bones to re-adjust into position. I prefer using a Thermal Imaging Scanner to detect “nervous system function”, at my practice as well. I have completed some very interesting testing with individuals after using the Lumbar Extender. The results clearly indicate, “Immediate”, nervous system function “improvement”. Therefore, not only does the Lumbar Extender stretch all of the muscle groups, but improves circulation as well.

Between my father and myself, we have a combined practice of 73 years in Chiropractic experience. The Lumbar Extender is the best back stretching device I have ever seen. The simplicity in design, compact size, and light weight, allow me to take it with me wherever I go.

Dr. Tina A Sigafoose
Owner of Sigafoose Chiropractic
Thomasville, Pa

Professional Trainers

“I like the Lumbar Extender because it’s so simple to use, and it’s also very relaxing. It’s such a great feeling to be able to reverse my back from my normal golf posture and I can do that easily with this product.”

Al Geiberger
“Mr. 59” SENIOR PGA Tour Professional


Professional Athletes

How I wish I could have had the Lumbar Extender 25 years ago, when playing Professional Hockey with the Chicago Blackhawk’s! I started using the Lumbar Extender a little over a year and a half ago. Now I feel like I am in my second youth. No kidding! It’s an excellent product, and what’s really neat, I can even take it with me whenever I travel which is still a lot. I love how I am able to get my back reversed in extension with the Lumbar Extender. It was very difficult to do before without it and I would really only stretch my back in flexion. I feel great now and am making much easier and better golf swings than I did when I was a kid. Between the Lumbar Extender, and now the Pilates and yoga I am doing, life is worth living again!”

Thanks so much,

Stan Mikita
(Chicago Blackhawk’s, 22 years)

"I started using The Lumbar Extender this past summer after it was introduced to me at one of the PGA Tour events. Since that time, it has gone with me on every trip. I can’t imagine traveling without it.

Because the Lumbar Extender is so small and lightweight, it isn’t a problem to pack or travel with it at all. Even if it was bigger, I would find a way to take it with me, it’s that important.

The first thing I do after I unpack from a flight or long drive is lye down on my Lumbar Extender for 5 to 7 minutes. It helps me to relax right away and I can immediately feel any tension that built up, subside from my lower and upper back regions. It doesn’t take a day or two to recover anymore. That to me is priceless.

Before I would struggle to even get loose or stay loose for any period of time. Even back in college when I was going to a back specialist and was on a strength and flexibility program, I would continue to have back pain flair ups quite often. Since I started using The Lumbar Extender everyday, I haven’t had any back problems at all, none. I love the way it makes me feel when I am both on and off the golf course. I sure believe in it and think it’s a fantastic product."

Chris Smith
PGA Tour Professional